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Yacht Alexandra

Yacht Alexandra is an one masted sailing ship built in a village of Vålax in southern Porvoo. Vessel is built to revive the local long tradition of shipbuilding. Building of the vessel begun in 1997 and the ship sailed for the first time in 2003. Now a ship at its prime age it is a sight to remember.

Basic information

* Max. passengers 45
* Board space 25-30
* Sleeping places 19+3

Technical information

* LOA 23 m
* Breadth 6,5 m
* Mast height 27,5 m
* Max draught 2,2 m
* Sail area 310 m2
* Main engine 106 kW
* Registered as a passenger vessel in Finnish regional waters

Sailing information

* Main sail area 175 m2
* Max speed sailing 13 kn
* Max speed with engine 7 kn
* No winches
* Wooden mast, bowsprit, boom and gaff
* Sail material Duradon

Building of the Yacht

Building of the Yacht Alexandra was a huge effort for the whole town. Countless hours of work and several

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